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We live in a time in which we are becoming increasingly aware of ourselves and our environment. We want to consume more consciously but also love concepts designed to make our lives as easy and convenient as possible. Because of services that meet our needs the sharing economy is blossoming.

Borrow a Brand does just that for your wardrobe. Making rental the norm within the fashion industry by making beautiful, quality clothing affordable and available to everyone. All within the framework of strengthening and maintaining a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.


Team Borrow a Brand

Megaidi Pinas-Pieroelie

Megaidi is the CEO of Borrow a Brand. She has made it her mission to make fashion rental the norm in Europe. In order to make this mission a success, she has left her career as a lawyer. She believes in a better and stylish world through rental.


Elisa Keur

Elisa is a blogger and stylist at Borrow a Brand.


Dinja van Dam

Dinja is our brand and graphic designer.


Company information

Borrow a Brand B.V.


KvK-nummer: 73321141