Interactive talk: Let's talk vintage

Vintage garments and accessories are getting more and more popular. But what does vintage mean, how can you recognize it and what kind of vintage fashion is out there?

Let's talk vintage! In this interactive talk Hanna-Sara Doude van Troostwijk, from The Jaren Vroeger vintage rental service, will tell and show you more about the different aspects of vintage fashion. She will also answer all your questions.

The workshop will take place on 2 March from 7:30 till 9:30 pm at the Startup Campus Haarlem (SUCH Inholland, Bijdorplaan 15 Haarlem). Attending this talk is free after signing up. You can sign up by e-mailing: with your name. 


"The history behind products such as interior items and garments fascinates me. I am always looking for unique items on flea markets, online and auction houses. My grandparents' basement is also a treasure trove for a history hunter like me.

For me, products have to have content. Where was it made, where did it come from, when was it made, who wore it, what did the product go through? These are some of the questions I always take as my starting point when buying new old items.  

Vintage, antiques and second-hand has been a lifelong interest for me. I've been trained in recognizing differences in times, styles and quality and I love to tell you more about it."



Hanna-Sara Doude van Troostwijk

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