What to wear when working from home

With life mostly happening from home nowadays, meetings no longer take place in the office, but via Skype or Zoom. And while it’s very tempting to never change out of your comfy pajamas, walking around in your lounge-wear all day will not bring out the best in your productivity-wise. So how exactly do you make the most of this WFH-period?


By getting dressed.

As you associate your loungewear with lazy Sundays, it’s very hard to change your mindset to a go-get-‘em one. If you’re aiming for a productive day, get dressed in the morning! Act as if you’re going to the actual office and get up and dress up. This signals your brain that the day is starting, making it easier to get down to business. Also, looking in the mirror and not looking like a hobo will help in seizing the day!

Bonus: since you’re not losing time on commuting, take some time for breakfast and enjoy a good cup of coffee before starting your workday!


What to wear

But what do you wear? Do you show up at your home office in heels, a pencil skirt, and a silk blouse? You could, obviously – you do you – but you could also choose a more comfortable style. I picked some out for you:


The Skype-meeting-outfit:

If you have a Skype meeting while working from home, make sure that at least your upper body wear screams profesh. Choose a blouse and a blazer; pants are optional. The bare minimum is a shirt that is clean and ironed!

Side note: don’t forget to check your surroundings before you join a video chat. A clear view of your bed or massive pile of dirty laundry visible in the background is something you would want to avoid!


The I’m-not-leaving-the-house-today-outfit

If you don’t have video calls and know that no one will see you that day, you can choose a more relaxed outfit. I love matching sets, like the one above, because they give you a put-together feeling. If this is still to casual for your, try this:


The comfy-but-dressed look

I love culottes! They are comfortable, yet stylish and can be worn to the office and outside. So they are a great item for your home office! Wear them with a cozy sweater or a cute top.


Pajama lookalike

Another favorite of mine is the jumpsuit. It also looks dressed, but feels as if you’re still rocking pajamas! If there’s a sudden Skype meeting, all you have to do is throw on a blazer, and you’re looking profesh. Here are some WFH-appropriate beauties:



Wear shoes

Shoes complete an outfit and will help you feel ready for the workday. Even though my house slippers are very warm and comfy, if I want to get serious work done, I switch to shoes. But maybe that’s just me ;)



Made it to the end of the workday? Don’t forget to change into something more couch-appropriate at 5PM for some serious Netflix binging!

With these tips, all that’s left for you to do, is to muster enough self-discipline to actually get to work. But that I can’t help you with ;)


Good luck and stay safe!



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