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Fall season is definitely here, so it’s time for fall fashion! Secretly, I love fall fashion more than I love summer fashion, because there are so much more options!  I already told you what trends you can keep from last season (animal print, yay!), but there are also a lot of new trends that are worth wearing!

One of my favorites is the shearling coat, or the teddy biker jacket. Very cozy, very comfy, very warm, and very stylish! This coat gives an edgy finishing touch to pretty much any outfit and needs to hang on your coat rack this season!


Splurge: All Saints – Hawley Shearling Coat via Zalando


As this is jacket season, of course there’s more than one coat trend. Another one of my favorites is the puffer coat trend; coats so comfy you could sleep in them. For me, at some point, it’s more important to be warm then fashionable, but with these coats, I can be both!

My favorite (although I’m a little biased because I just got this one yesterday and I can’t wait for the cold to come):


Affordable: Kuhjo – Sonje jacket                           Splurge: Nanushka – Lenox Faux Leather Puffer Coat


Another one of my favorites is the neo-bourgeois trend. It’s very chic, very feminine, but with a tough edge. We see printed scarves, culottes, and riding boots. I’m madly in love with this look!



Source:              Source: Zara


 Another trend that is making a comeback, is houndstooth and tartan. At first, you’re like, meh, not sure I like this. But then you look again, and you’re like, I do kind of like this. And by the third time you see it, you’re like YES I need to wear this! But maybe that’s just because Cara makes it look cool...

Splurge: Chanel                                 Affordable: Most Wanted


For all the daring fashionista’s out there, we have the (faux) leather on leather trend. You either fail miserably, or you win gloriously. There’s no in between, but when done right, it’s an amazing look:


Splurge: Olivier Theyskens                         Affordable: Missguided


Of course, there are many more trends worth purchasing for this fall/winter season. For now, I showed you my favorites. Show me yours? Let me know which ones you favor!

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