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One month into Slow Fashion Season and I’m struggling. There’s sale everywhere and the new collection is in stores already. I miss the hunt for the perfect piece! Usually, I love to spend hours looking on websites and in stores for the thing I had in mind. I miss the feeling of victory after finally finding it, and the excitement of wearing it and combining it with other pieces in my (way too large) wardrobe.

I complained to a friend about missing the hunt and she invited me to come along to a thrift store. She’s an avid thrift-shopper and also loves the hunt. She often finds amazing clothes in good condition for a cheap price, so I decided to give it a shot. That’s how I ended up in Rataplan, one of the largest thrift stores in Amsterdam, on a way too hot and sunny Saturday.

And it didn’t take me long to conclude I’m not a thrift-shopper.

Maybe I went in with the wrong expectations because instead of gorgeous vintage pieces I found out-of-fashion second-hand Primark pieces, obviously worn shoes, and basic singlets that are only €2 cheaper than the new ones I would buy.

All in all, I found the clothes to be rather expensive for something someone else has already worn extensively.

Even though it’s sustainable, for me buying worn shoes out of a thrift store would be a bad idea. These shoes have already formed to the foot of the previous owner, making them unfit for my feet. Wearing the wrong shoes might hurt my feet, knees and back.

The day wasn’t a total waste: they had a major book section and I bought five books for like €8!

What do you think of thrift-shopping? Did I just do it wrong and should I give it another chance, or do you recognize my experiences? Let me know in the comments!

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