Sustainable December

Yay, December! The month of unlimited parties, food, drinks, sequin outfits, and, of course, gifts!

Last week, we talked about how un-sustainable all those sequin party outfits are. They’re mostly made out of plastic, only worn once, and replaced the next year. A better option would be renting.

Another unsustainable part of the December month are the gifts. And I’m not just talking about the gift wrapping (plastic, single use, lots of trash), but also about the gifts themselves.

Not gifting is of course not an option. Because who doesn’t like presents?! If you want to diminish your ecological footprint, try gifting sustainable this year.

I collected the best sustainable presents for you below!


The sustainable Q-tip

Q-tips are made of non-organic cotton and are made for single use, thus using many resources and adding to the waste mountain. Without noticing, you (well, I) use a lot of these per day (cleaning ears of fixing make-up). But I found a great alternative for the cotton swabs: silicone swabs; LastSwab from Last Object. They come in different colors and their cuteness makes them the perfect gift!

Yes, silicone still contains plastic, but as these swabs last for years, you are working towards less waste and less plastic.

Another option are the bamboo swabs from Lamazuna, that is specifically made to remove earwax.


Last Swab, €11,25 (


Lamazuna, Oriculi, €4,50 (


The sustainable tissue

Last Object’s soon to release newest project is the Last Tissue. It won’t be released on time to be a gift under your 2019 Christmas tree, but it’s definitely worth watching them!


The sustainable make-up pad

Another product that is used a lot unnoticed. Single-use cotton pads really add to the waste mountain and are make of non-organic cotton. Sustainable, reusable pads are either made from cotton or out of bamboo. You use them, store them in the accompanying mesh laundry bag, and wash them with your other laundry before using again.

I started using these about a year ago, and I don’t want to go back to the single-use cotton ones! So I would recommend, 10/10!

They are for sale pretty much everywhere from to Holland & Barrett (6 pc €8,99) and Douglas (4 pc €9,99), being very affordable.

Bamboo pads brands are Bambaw and Bamboozy. Both come in a 16-pack, with 4 scrub pads, and a laundry bag.


Bamboozy (, €22,95) & Bambaw (, €24,95)


The sustainable nothing

THE Christmas gift of 2019! NIKS (‘nothing’) is a donation to Greenpeace that you can gift. By giving or asking NIKS, you fund Greenpeace and don’t bring anymore stuff into this world.

The gift comes in the form of a white card, so you have something to show for. If the receiver really wants to have no gift, she or he can put the card into the ground and it will disappear into more, well, nothing, in a few days. The card is made from potato starch and thus does not harm the environment.

You decide how much your NIKS gift costs. NIKS is available on or in Odin stores.

NIKS, Greenpeace, any price


The sustainable fashion giftcard

Not ready to give nothing yet? Gift a Sustainable Fashion Gift Card! The card can be used in the web shops of all partners of the gift card. It’s valid for three years after activation. You’re basically gifting someone a clean conscience, and isn’t that the greatest gift of all?

You can reserve the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card at from € 10,-.


The sustainable gift box

Want to gently nudge your friend or family member to a more sustainable lifestyle? Gift them the Sustainable Giftbox from WWF! The box contains bamboo straws, a bamboo toothbrush, bamboo Q-tips, a cotton grocery net, a bamboo coffee mug, toilet paper from The Good Roll, and the Be One With Nature magazine.

They come in a small and large size and are available on


Small box €22,95, large box €29,95


If by now, you still don’t know what to by for your loved ones, I think you’re the problem ;)

Let me know in the comments what you’ll be gifting this year!

And with regards to your Christmas outfit, remember: borrow, don’t buy!

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