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Even though fall has only just begun, and winter is yet to come, we (I) can’t wait for spring to come around again. Longer days, better weather, better and better moods, new trends; what’s not to love? So, to keep you from spiraling into your winter depression, here’s a little sneak peek of the fall and summer 2020 trends!

We see a few continuations of the current season, with 80s vibes and a lot of leather. We see the usual trends (shorts and dresses), but also some newcomers, like the three-piece pantsuit, and bridal wear (also for non-brides!).


The biggest trend of the season is also my favorite; sustainability. Designers like Stella McCartney and Vivianne Westwood have been making waves about sustainable fashion for quite a while, but more and more newcomers want to contribute to a sustainable branch. Not only do the collections represent post-apocalyptic worlds (Marine Serre), but many designers used upcycled or leftover fabrics, instead of purchasing new ones. Kudos to Gabriella Hearst, who claims to have hosted the first carbon-neutral fashion show (with Gucci in second place).

And because everyone wants to wear guilt-free clothing, in my next blog you’ll find the best sustainable fashion brands (see, another sneak peek!).

Rain wear

Connected to climate change is the rain wear trend. As climate change will cause the Dutch weather to become wetter than it already is, we better invest in some decent rain wear. The main objective of this trend is, well, to keep dry, something we can get behind. We’ve already showed you the best rain jackets here and you can keep wearing those next season!

The 80s

The eighties are a big hit in this fall/winter season, but the craze will continue into the spring season. We still see power outfits with broad shoulders, but club-worthy metallic mini dresses, puffy sleeves, ruffles, and the bubble hem are a new addition to the 80s craze that seems to come back every so often.

The 70s

Even though the new season still clings to the 80s, we’re also opening another time capsule and are stealing trends from the flower power 70s! Disco never really dies, it seems.

The seventies were a decade of individuality, and, according to Vogue, there were no rules in the game of fashion.

It was also the decade of disco and it shows: we see elongated silhouettes, analog colors, flowy dresses, and pointy collars. Flared trousers, tie dye (oh no), and military clothing are worthy additions to your spring 2020 wardrobe.

Colorwise, go with rust, copper, tangerine, peach, white, baby blue, wheat, pistachio, mauve, apple green, yellow, and camel.


From the Serengeti to your closet: the safari style!

Whether you’re battling a city jungle or are surviving an actual jungle, safari wear is mandatory. Luckily, it’s looking great this season! The safari jacket not only keeps you warm on chilly June nights, it also has pockets!

Go full safari or just pick one item to spice up your outfit; safari style has little rules. My favorites are the rusty Gucci safari jacket, and the one-color suit from Dolce & Gabbana.

Pleated skirts and dresses

These are already a hit, but for next season, we see these pieces in lighter fabrics and brighter colors. As the weather gets better, combine them with strappy sandals for a summer look and feel.



I mean, of course shorts are a trend, because it’s finally warm enough again to wear them. But this season, there’s a variety of options. Opt for the Bermuda shorts with a blazer and strappy sandals and steal the show both in the office and outside!


Vests and three-piece pantsuits

Three-piece pantsuits, including a vest, are a big trend this season. From the office to a rooftop bar; this outfit is situation-versatile and gorgeous!



It’s going to be a beautiful-colored season! We see different shades of blue and red, combined with classics as camel, black, white, and grey. I absolutely love Flame Scarlett red, Classic Blue, Faded Denim and Coral Pink. What are your favorites?


Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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