Slow Fashion Summer

- Author Elisa Keur

If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, by now, you are well aware that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Its water consumption equals 32 million Olympic size swimming pools per year and its CO2 emissions count for 8% of global greenhouse emissions. Numbers like that make you feel guilty for shopping!

If 10.000 people would buy no new clothes for three months, we will save up to 360 million liters of water and prevent 1.4 million kilograms of CO2 being emitted. And that’s where Slow Fashion Season comes in.

Have you heard of CollAction? CollAction is a Dutch non-profit organization that helps people to solve Collective Action Problems through crowdacting. Crowdacting is a fancy way of saying ‘I’ll do it if you’ll do it!’. You start a project through their website and try to find as many people as you can who will collaborate on your project. This way, you can make a huge impact. It’s similar to crowdfunding, however, you’re committing people to actions instead of money.

That’s how the Slow Fashion Season started. Through CollAction, the idea was spread in the summer of 2018 that 10.000 people globally would not buy new clothes for three months. A great lot of people across the globe answered to this call for inaction!

This means no online shopping, no shopping sprees with the girls, and just wearing what you already own.

Can’t not shop for three months? You’re allowed to buy second-hand clothes or swap your old ones for other ones! Renting clothes is another way to always look different. Also, lending out your clothes is a great way to make some extra money! Another option is to get creative with the items you never wear. Mix it up, go shopping in your own closet, come up with new clothing combo’s, and help somebody else by lending out your wardrobe.

Clothing exchanges are, at least in the Randstad, very hip and happening. On June 15 th, there’s one hosted by Sustainable Wardrobe in the Social Impact Factory in Utrecht. Tickets are still available.

At this moment, over 10.000 people have vowed to commit to not buying new clothes from June 21st to September 21st! I have already signed up; will you also sign up and help to grow this movement?

Let us know in the comments if you’re joining! Together, we can make a change!

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