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With December around the corner, I can finally give in to my love for glitter and sequins. No look to shiny for the holidays! I incorporate them into my daily outfits to spice them up a little or go all out when it’s party time!

If you’re still looking for inspiration for a look that will steal the show this holiday, look no further. I collected the best outfits for you to choose from! Let me know which one is your favorite!


Cocktail dress by Topshop

A dress like this is perfect for a smashing New Year’s Eve party. Combine with black heels and a black, oversized blazer (it’s winter after all).


Bling by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

Another show stealer! Slash on some red lipstick and you’re party-ready!


Sequin boots Kirsten by Raid

I don’t need new boots, but these sequin boots from Raid are very tempting! Combine with a bodycon dress in every color you want, and dance the night away!


Sequin clutch by Even & Odd

Complete your party look with a festive clutch. After all, you can’t leave the house without phone, keys, and credit card!


Punkature dress by Vivienne Westwood

A more modest look for Christmas dinner with your in-laws. Combine with a black blazer and clutch, and wear some large earrings to complete your outfit.


Lydia Tatu by Pinko

If you’re not into sequins or dresses, a classy jumpsuit is for you. Denim, satin, and lace are a smashing combo for the upcoming holidays! Wear with some red lipsticks and a striking purse to steal the show!


Heels by Sandro

These fluffy heels will make any outfit look festive. With decent sized heels, you can dance the night away on these beauties!


Katy by Raid

Another beauty! These rose golden shoes perk up any outfit and give an instant party-feel!



Sequins. Large. Large sequins. Do I need to say more?!


H&M Leather dress with puffed sleeves

Leather is a trend and can definitely be worn during the holidays. Combine with red lipstick, silver or golden shoes, and you’re the belle of the ball!


H&M Pelerine with strass

I absolutely LOVE this top, but I imagine it’s also very annoying that everything about it moves. It’s a show stopper, though!


H&M Blazer dress in black and red

This beautiful blazer dress is both stylish and elegant. I can’t choose between the black and red one, but I do know that you’ll look absolutely stunning in this!



Sequin mini dress by Ax Paris

I get a Kylie Jenner-vibe from this dress. Add some fake lips (or just use lipliner and lots of lipstick to fake the fake lips!), take some selfies, and steal the show!


Drapy Velvet Gown by NLY Eve

This beauty comes in black, green, and red, and can be worn to work holiday gatherings, gala’s, or just when you want to feel pretty on the couch (don’t forget to add the red wine).



Fierce Sequin Dress by NLE Trend

More sequins! In pink! What’s not to love?!



Fringe mini dress by Rare London

Fringe gives an instant party-feel and this dress will make you the center of attention when you’re counting down to twelve!


Vinyl dress by NLY One

With this beauty you will definitely turn heads. But I’m not so sure it’s appropriate for Christmas dinner with you grandma.


Even though I love these party outfits, they have a big downside: they are not sustainable at all.

It’s not just the material (plastic, and more plastic), but you only wear a dress like this once a year. Or maybe just once, if next year you’ll buy a new one.

Renting is an excellent choice when it comes to party clothing. That way, you wear something different every event, but you don’t add to the clothing pile and thus diminish your footprint.

If you choose to rent, there are several options. You can of course rent and lend through Borrow A Brand (make a profile here), but you could also check out Spinning Closet or My Dressoir.

My absolute favorite dress from My Dressoir is this gorgeous Adriana Papell dress:



What will your choice be this holiday season? Will you buy or rent? Let me know in the comments!

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