Old Skool baby!

The circular economy is on the rise, and fashionista’s increasingly take their responsibility by focusing on second-hand and vintage clothing. Nowadays, every street corner has a vintage store, where you can buy clothes or furniture.

However, most stores sell second-hand clothes from last year’s collection. Is that really vintage?


Real vintage is clothing from the 1920s to the 1970s/1980s. Items older than that are called antique, everything that is younger should be called second-hand. Also, don’t confuse ‘retro’ with ‘vintage’. Retro items are products that are made to look like vintage items, but are not.

Vintage fashion has always been a hit. In the 60s, the trend was to combine old and new. Even now, we are still wearing the power shoulders that characterized the 80s and the flared jeans of the 70s.

‘Real’ vintage is a collectors item, and, therefore, costly. A simple vintage dress costs between EUR 70 and 150. Hanna-Sara Doude van Troostwijk found a solution to that: rented vintage!

At her company De Jaren Vroeger, you can rent many vintage dresses for a decent price. As with all rental services, you return the dress after wearing, so the next person can rent it. Original fashion without destroying the environment!

Do you want to know more about vintage and De JarenVroeger? Borrow A Brand organizes a seminar on vintage in collaboration with Hanna Sara. Hanna-Sara has a fascination with all things vintage and will tell you all about vintage fashion.

Sounds good? Sign up by emailing your name to info@borrowabrand.com and we’ll see you on March 2nd at the Startup Campus in Haarlem (SUCH Inholland, Bijdorplaan 15 Haarlem) from 19.30 until 21.30. We hope to see you there!

In the meantime, here is some amazing vintage inspiration:








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