Happy holidays!

December is not just the month of glitter and sequins, it is also the month of the best invention of the century: the ugly Christmas sweater. When it’s time to relax after looking your best all day, switch to one of these beauties for the ultimate Christmas feeling!


When you’re spending the day with your conservative, 60+ family members, this sweater is a must-have:

Mice Shirt

If you really want to steal the show, add some lights and get lit:

Tipsy Elves

When you want to make sure everyone knows this is the year you finally found a lover:


When you really love Christmas:


When you have an inappropriate sense of humor:


When you’re a little extra:

Tipsy Elves

When you’re taking it to the next level:



When you’re a big fan of Rudolf:


Bol.com / Very Voga


Whatever outfit you choose for the holidays, Borrow A Brand wishes you a merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy, fashionable, and sustainable 2020!



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