Fashion Mask Mania

When I wrote a blog about fashion in times of Corona a few weeks back, I was talking about the best fashion movies to watch while bored at home. I wasn’t expecting face masks to be the real Corona-trend! But as we’re slowly going back to normal, with the restrictions loosening more and more, face masks are mandatory in public transport and airplanes. If we absolutely have to wear them, we might as well pick the cutest one, right?

Give away!

To make sure you'll steal the show with your fashionable face mask, Borrow A Brand is giving away two face masks from My Olori or Ketura (your choice!) to a fashionista in the Netherlands or Belgium!

These cute masks are sustainable, made for interchangeable filters and reusable – they are made from the remnants of African and batik fabrics and can be washed! My Olori also sells children’s masks. Here's a small selection of the possibilities at these brands:

My Olori (€10)


Ketura (€7.50)

How to win

So what do you have to do for a chance to win one of these beauties? Follow us on Instagram and let us know in the comments why you should win this. The funniest, or cutest, or most convincing, or most sentimental comment wins! We’ll announce a winner on Monday, May 25th!

Can’t wait to win one? Shop the My Olori masks here and the Ketura masks here or both at the Ketura shop at Lil’ Amsterdam, Amsterdam Central station.

If batik’s your style, make sure to check out Sama Sama Bali as well. Their masks are handmade and made for interchangeable filters. They are reusable and washable at 60C. 10% of every purchase will be donated to Balinese families in need, whose income from tourism has dried up since COVID-19.

Sama Sama Bali (€14.95)


Batik not your style at all? No worries, the face masks come in all styles and colors. Some of my favorites:

These linen masks from WonderLinen are the cutest! They are handmade and also very affordable at € 11 a piece. Shop them at Etsy.


Want to have a mask that is an ecological miracle? Try a cork mask from Captain Cork. Cork leather is strong, does not contain chemicals, is PETA Vegan certified, anti-allergen, water repellent, and washable. Admitted, they’re not as cute as the ones from WonderLinen, but them being an ecological miracle has to count for something right?

Did you cut back on your (online) shopping while in quarantine and is your money burning in your pocket? Maybe this satin Proenza Shouler is something for you:


If spending that much on a face mask sounds crazy to you, try these cuties from 8 Other Reasons (3 for €25).

When you’re a big fan of bandanas, these are for you. Shop them at Etsy:



They even have masks for corduroy fans, very affordable and very very cute. Also available in purple! Get them here.

If you’re up for a DIY-project, try making your own face mask. YouTube is a big help!


Please keep in mind that these are not medical face masks; they will not keep you save from infection. Wearing a mask also does not mean you no longer have to wash your hands frequently or keep your distance.

Don’t forget to participate in our give away and stay safe!


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