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It’s finally here, the gift that keeps on giving: The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card.

On April 20th, Fashion platform Our World, founded by Nanette Hogervorst, launched the world’s first fashion gift card that focuses on sustainability. More than half of the Dutch people think it is important that their clothing is sustainable, but only 14% actually try to wear sustainable clothing. Our World believes the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card will give doubters the final push that they needed to start shopping sustainably.

So how does it work? Easy; just like any other gift card. For now, the card is only available in a digital PDF version; after ordering, you’ll receive the card in your mailbox. In the future, an actual card will be available. The price? You decide! You can gift any amount between €10 and €150.

The card can be spent both online and offline, and can be exchanged for clothing, experiences or with fashion rentals. You can already spend the card at almost 60 fashion pioneers!

The experiences range from learning how to repair holes in your jeans, to sewing your own bag. You can also get styling advice of several style coaches and learn more about fast fashion by ordering Fast Fashion from Agnes Esenkbrink. There’s something for everyone 😊.

Brands range from Ana Dyla to Brand Mission to Fraenck, Hempje, Mud Jeans, and many, many more. You can also exchange your credit at Lena’s Fashion Library, Spinning Closet and Borrow a Brand in the near future.

The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card is the perfect gift for the environmentally friendly fashionista, or the ready-to-make-a-change-fast-fashion-shopper. We all start somewhere!

If you really like the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card initiative, you can now join their crowdfunding which runs until 24 May. Help them to increase their reach and inspire more and more people to make conscious fashion choices.

Or purchase the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card to give as a present.


Buy less, choose well, make it last!

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