Workwear 2.0

Workwear 2.0

COVID has changed a lot of things, and workwear fashion is one of them.
While it remains important to look professional, the trend for 2021 is both
elegant and comfortable. We’re still wearing suits, but they have a more
relaxed fit and can even be a little oversized.

Before we go into the upcoming trends,
let’s review what standards a professional outfit must meet.

Rule number one: your clothing needs to be clean and undamaged! This
also means your outfit should be fluff-free, shouldn’t look washed out, and
should be free of animal hair or stains.

Next up is the fit. Workwear should fit you well – not too small, not too
large, not too short, not too long. Even more so than in casual settings,
your clothes should be of the right size, as the wrong size is never flattering.

Don’t hide your body, but at the same time, make sure you’re not
flaunting it. A formal dress can be body-hugging, but should never be too tight, too short, or too revealing.
Too much cleavage is also a no-go.

In professional settings, the appropriate length for dresses and skirts is
knee-length. Be aware that bare legs are not accepted in every office
environment. If that is the case in your company, be sure to invest in
some good quality pantyhoses.

Moving on to color. I oftentimes hear the advice to wear neutral colors only, like black, (dark) blue, grey, or white.
I don’t agree with that! Of course, it depends on your work environment and whether or not you apply color in your daily, non-work wardrobe.
But, if you love color, add it to your workwear style!
I would, however, be mindful of wearing screamy colors when having a job
interview. Better to feel the vibe of the work environment first before dressing like yourself.

Then onto shoes.
Shoes should be clean and polished, which sounds obvious, but is often overlooked.
Make sure they fit with the rest of your outfit! An absolute no-go are open toed-shoes. The heel should not be too high,
and please make sure you know how to walk in heels! Nobody wants to hire someone walking like Bambi!

Some of my favorite brands for office wear are CVRD (also available for
hire on Borrow A Brand!), Massimo Dutti, La Dress, Vanilia, and COS.
These brands show that work fashion doesn’t have to be boring!

We see the relaxed work wear trend also with these brands: a looser fit for both
the pants and the blazer, and more focus on the feel of the fabric,
with comfort as the key element. Have a look below!

What’s your go-to workwear brand? Let us know in the comments!

Massimo Dutti
La Dress

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