The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

Wearing the right size and fit is important,
but don’t forget about the right color palette!
The right shade can make or break your outfit,
as colors can complement you or pale you.
And we don’t want to look pale now, do we?

Ever wondered why your friend looks amazing with gold jewelry,
but it just doesn’t look right on you?
And you can rock silver,
but it does nothing for the gold-loving friend?
That’s because you are different color types.

Your color type tells you which color shades to choose,
as that palette fits your hair, eyes, and skin tone,
and which to avoid like the plague.
The wrong color shade makes you look pale, tired, or old.

There are four color types, named after the seasons:
spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
Before I explain the types, let’s find out what your type is,
based on your skin tone, eyes and natural hair color.

To determine your skin tone, you can do two things.
One, you check the color of your veins (the ones in your wrist are easiest to see).
Two, try on golden and silver jewelry and see what looks best.

Are your veins purple and does silver look best on you?
You have a cool skin tone.Are your veins blue, and can you rock both silver and gold?
You have a neutral skin tone.
Are you veins greenish, and does (rose) gold look best on you?
You have a warm skin tone.

The natural color of your hair will tell you if you have light or dark/deep color tones.
Are you a blonde with light-colored eyes? You have light tones.
Do you have dark brown or black hair and dark eyes? Then you have deep tones.

On to the color of your eyes. Spring types have eyes with a lot of warmth –
warm blue, warm grey, warm green, or golden brown.
Summer types have light, cooler eyes.
Autumn types have brown eyes, and the eyes of winter types are
the darker shades of blue, green, grey, and brown, or black.

Spring type:
Spring types have a lot of warmth – in their hair, eyes, and skin tone.
They are redheads or have golden blonde hair. Redheads are known
for their light skin, freckles, and their tendency to sunburn easily.
The spring type is no different! Their eyes are blue, grey-blue,
light brown, or green.

Colors matching great with the spring type are moss green, coral red,
golden brown, ink blue, and all sand tones. Want to add even more color?
Try yellow, orange-red, apple green, or turquoise.
Colors to avoid are black, white, colors with an ash undertone,
and darker, washed out colors.

Source: Sidhe – Shutterstock

Summer type:
The summer type does not have as much warmth in their skin tone,
hair, and eyes as the spring type. Key word for the summer type is ‘ash’
and the summer type is considered a cool type.
They have lighter skin with an ash tone, and the same goes for the hair.
Like the spring type, they don’t tan easily, but burn quickly.
Eyes are typically light and either blue, green, or gray.

Blue and purple tones are a good fit for the summer type,
as well as blue-green, gray-brown, lavender, blue-gray, aubergine,
powder pink, jeans blue, and pastel colors. Colors to avoid are black,
beige, orange, and gold. These colors will pale you,
whereas colors with blue or purple tones will pop your eyes
and complement your skin tone.

Source: Sidhe – Shutterstock

Autumn type
The autumn type is the dark version of the spring type.
It has the same warm undertone as the spring type,
but with a deeper colored palette.
They generally have dark blonde to chocolate brown hair,
with a golden or copper hue. Eyes are green, (light) brown, or hazelnut.
Autumn’s skin has cool undertones, and is ivory or may appear colorless.
Autumn has an ‘earthy’ look.

Colors for Autumn are rich, warm, and very colorful.
Colors to try are khaki, terra cotta, brown red,
moss green, orange, beige, coffee brown,
olive green, or apricot. No go’s are blue, pink, and grey.

Source: Sidhe – Shutterstock

Winter type
Last but not least, the winter type! This type shares the blue undertones
f the summer type, but flourishes with a deeper color palette.
Winter types have a sharp contrast between their skin tone and the color of their hair. Skin tones range from ivory-beige to olive to dark or Asian,
with dark brown to black hair colors, without red or golden undertones.
Eye colors are the darker shades of blue, green, gray, and brown, or black.

Bright colors are winter type’s thing – they look amazing in red, green,
and blue. Their basic colors are black, anthracite,
navy blue, and deep chocolate brown.
Avoid earthy colors like orange, brown, peach, and beige.

Source: Sidhe – Shutterstock

Keep in mind that this is about color shades, there is no need to avoid
one color in all of its shades for the rest of your life.
Lime green doesn’t suit you? Try army green or deep bright green!

Important to note is that the seasons theory is
flawed when you have dyed or graying hair,
you may not feel like you fit any of the profiles.

You may have noticed that the theory is mostly based on lighter skin tones.
That’s why we’ll do a special on color types for darker skin colors in the near future!

Want some more examples or learn more about the color profiles?
Check out the website from Your Natural Color Palette for more pictures and examples of what is and isn’t a good match for each of the types.

Which season are you? Let us know in the comments!

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