How to take care of your wardrobe – pt. 2

Taking proper care of your wardrobe is more than just washing it at the right temperature.
Below you’ll find a few items every fashionista needs to keep her wardrobe on fleek:

Electric lint roller

Aka the magic machine. It’ll remove lint and fluff and makes your clothes
look as new! It’s also a very soothing activity to perform while watching
Netflix, fyi. I would recommend using an electric roller over a wool comb.

Before & after

Clothing steamer

Save serious bucks on the dry cleaner by buying your own handheld
clothing steamer! Not as good as the real deal, but definitely cheaper.
Can be used to extend the time between dry cleaner visits. Most cleaners don’t only clean, they also iron.

If you have room and money to spare, you could also opt for a Samsung AirDresser or LG Styler.
The Styler cleans up to 6 items of clothing at once.
The machines refreshes, cleans, smoothens, and dries.

The right hangers

You probably never think about it, but the hangers you use to hang your
clothes can affect their shape and thus their durability. Use big, wooden
hangers for coats, blazers, and items with shoulder pads. Use thinner
hangers made from satin or velvet for more delicate items. Hang them the
right away: not too much on one hanger and keep enough space between
hangers. Don’t hang knitwear, leather, linen or silk.

Vacuum bags

Their quality is questionable, but they are a great way to store out-of-
season clothing and save space!

Mesh washing bags

Use mesh washing bags for lingerie, blouses, and other delicate items to
protect them from damages during washing. Try the Guppyfriend Washing
Bag: the first washing bag that prevents microplastic pollution from
washing synthetic clothes. The broken fibers collect in the bag and can be
easily removed after washing.

Dryer balls

It is said, mostly by dryer balls manufacturers, that the use of the balls
eliminate the need for fabric softner and shorten the drying time. It makes
your clothing soft and fresh, and discharges static electricity. The internet
has mixed opinions on them, some say they don’t do anything but make a
lot of noise, others never dry again without.

Stain Pen

The AEG Stain Pen works as a pre-treatment for stained clothing. After
filling it up with detergent and water, the pen uses its ultrasound
technology to send small vibrations through the fibers to loosen the stain part by part.
This way, you don’t have to scrub the stain, which is harmful
for the fabric.  The pen promises to maintain the look and fit of clothing
much longer.

Got any other suggestions we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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