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New year, new colors

Spring is still a few months away, but that doesn’t stop Pantone from
releasing the new trend colors for the spring/summer collection of 2021.

Say hello to Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow!

Pantone aims to tell a story with their color(s). That’s why they chose two
colors this year instead of one: one was just not enough to tell their story.
Colors are chosen based on what’s going on society. They opted for two
colors that work well together, to reflect the way we have to deal with this
pandemic: together.

Grey is a powerful color that stands for strength and resilience, while
yellow is the color of hope, positivity, and sunlight. Exactly the vibes we
need for 2021!

The trend colors are also connected to previous fashion seasons. Ultimate
Grey obviously connects to the fashion trend of 2020: grey sweatpants!
But I think everyone will be happy to leave that trend where it belongs:
in 2020.

If grey and yellow are not your colors, here’s the full palette Pantone has
selected for 2021:

What color are you rocking this year? Let us know in the comments!

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