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Sustainable activewear

Sustainable activewear

The Coronavirus placed new emphasis on health: not only helps a fit,
healthy body protect against diseases, a fit mind helps you survive the
lockdown that’s been going on for the better part of 2020. Working out
gets you both. While the fitgirl trend has been happening for a while, since
the lockdown more and more people are getting active. The sale of home
gym equipment is at an all-time high, and virtual workouts are the thing of
2020 (next to Corona, of course).

We all know the right outfit can get you in the right state of mind and give
you an extra push. That’s no different for your gym wear! Your workout
gear should be both comfortable and an eye-catcher! But, as with the rest
of our wardrobe, we are forgoing fast fashion and are focusing on

Lots of fast fashion brands are incorporating sustainable lines into their
collections, but there are many sports brands out there that have
sustainability at their core. They may be a little pricier, but they their
products last longer and have less environmental impact.

Here are our favorites:


Odlo sells everything, but is mainly focused on outdoor sports. Their Eco
Recycled line has a Warm-collection, that focuses on keeping you warm,
with minimal impact on the environment. All items use recycled yarn and
avoid the production of new polyester. They combine their sustainability
with technology. Where the body is sensitive to cold, the organic body
mapping construction seamlessly combines insulating 3D-knit structures,
so the heat stays where you need it In the zones where heat dissipation is
important, the mesh structures get rid of the excess of temperature.

Filippa K

In a list of sustainable brands, Filippa K can’t be forgotten. Circularity is at
their core, and ‘reduce, repair, reuse, recycle’ is their motto. Large parts of
their collection will never go on sale, as they don’t believe in fast fashion,
but in permanence. Part of their Core Collection is a Soft Sport line,
which, you guessed it, consists of comfortable gym wear.

Stella McCartney for Adidas

It’d be a waste to only wear Stella McCartney for Adidas in the gym,
because this collection deserves to be seen! For these eye-catchers, Stella
uses recycled polyester, sourced sustainably from post-industrial and post-
consumer waste, like plastic bottles. Their production process also uses
less water and energy.


Revive Wear is a Dutch brand, produced for women, by women. Their
sportswear is sustainable, eco-friendly, ethically produced. How do they do
that? They use solar energy, they recycle (paint)water, they save energy by
warmth circulation, and they use ecological, recycled, and sustainable
materials. And all that, while looking awesome!


Another for women, by woman brand! This Swedish brand aims to create
products for active women of all body types. To Rohnish, sustainability
means building the best products and, at the same time, taking
responsibility in how to do so, contributing to a better future for coming
generations. They are committed to using sustainable, recycled fabrics, and
aim to use 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025. They opted to not use
leather, non-mulesing wool, RDS down, antibacterial treatments, silver
ions, or fluorocarbons in their products. They also focus on sustainable
transportation and shipping, and are committed to recycling, in both the
details of their products as well as the consumer experience.

Girlfriend Collective

The brand states they’re earth’s number one fan, so being eco-friendly is at
the top of their priorities. Their products are made from recycled bottles,
cotton waste, and recycled fishing nets. They don’t stop there: they work
with factories that guarantee fair wages, safe and healthy working
conditions, and zero forced or child labor. They are fully transparent about
their way of working, their certifications, and everything else you might
want to know about their sustainable production process. And the best
part? Their collection is amazing! It’s colorful, available in sizes XXS to
6XL, and looks very comfy.


Evveervital is a British brand that has an overall environmental and social
conscious and holistic approach. They use a lot of recycled and bio-based
materials, that is sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial, and breathable. Founder
Katrin Schneck created Evveervital because of the lack of exclusive, high-
performing activewear, which could suit her active, professional, and social
settings. Well, she succeeded, because the collection is wearable both in-
and outside of the gym.

Elle Evans

To make sure their items don’t go to landfill, but to a happy customer, Elle
Evans only manufactures their pieces after someone has purchased it.
Their products are made from Econyl yarn, made from rescued waste
(from the ocean and landfills) such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet
flooring, and industrial plastic. In the future, they aim to close the loop:
every sold item can be recycled through the company, so they’ll know
they’ve closed the loop instead of leaving a footprint on the eco system
. They also offer customization or alternation of their items for a small

So, many sustainable options to choose from, without having to lose an inch of style! What is your favorite sustainable sports brand? Tell us in the comments!

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