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It’s raining men, i mean, a lot

Hey everyone! I’m back from the dead! It’s hard to believe that only a week ago I was on a sunny Caribbean beach, and now I’m trying to stay dry in rainy Amsterdam. It always surprises me how the Dutch stay loyal to their beloved bikes, even when it’s pouring like it has been the last couple of weeks. What surprises me even more, is how some of them manage to look fashionable!

If you’re looking to upgrade your rain wardrobe, keep reading. I’ve selected a few of my favorite rain items for you!

Let’s start with coats:


The Prime Park – €380

This parka from Arys is not only very fashionable, it’s also sustainably made! What more do you want?


Alvia raincoat – €169.99

This lovely Superdry waterproof coat will keep you dry and stylish.


Mount coat – €119,95

I’m in love with this coat; it has animal print, is see through (so you can show off your fall outfit!), and keeps you dry on your way to work. I’m adding it to my wish list.


Keith coat – €1434,95

Seriously, if you can afford to spend this much on a raincoat, however fabulous it may be, I’d recommend getting a car with driver instead. But I’m adding the Keith coat to my wish list in case I win the lottery!

I’m sure you’d also like to keep your feet dry, so here are few of the internet’s prettiest rain boots:



Ares – €194,95

Who said rain boots have to be ugly?! These Armani boots are proof that rain and fashion really can go together.


Rain boots – €25,99

Glamorous, indeed! And so is the price!


Fulton rain boots – €124,95

Western boots are a thing this season, even when it rains.

If these coats and boots didn’t get you excited for a Dutch (meaning: a very wet) fall, you could also book a flight to a tropical island. Much cheaper than the Mackintosh coat ?

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