How to properly store your stuff

If you’re using this time to clean out your closet, you might also want to make sure that you properly store the items that you’re keeping. It’ll increase their lifespan and keep them in pristine condition.

Seasonal items

With spring and summer right around the corner, you no longer need your winter coat or your warm, fluffy sweaters. These are items that take up a lot of space and I therefore recommend using vacuum bags. Fill them with clothes, pillows, or blankets, and use the vacuum to clear out all the air. The bags keep your clothes dry and clean, and doesn’t take up much space! Smaller vacuum bags (like the ones from Ikea) are also great for travelling!

Make sure the items you’re vacuuming are clean and dry and be careful of sharp edges and zippers. Minor detail: don’t store leather and fur in these bags!

Ikea, set of 2 small bags, €2,49           Hema, set of 2 large bags, €6



Leather should never be kept in a plastic bag to avoid ‘choking’ the leather. Leather is a natural product that needs to breathe in order to avoid fungus and discoloring. Keep leather bags in the cloth bags it comes in to prevent damage to the leather.

Don’t fold your leather clothes to avoid creasing and wrinkling of the material. Instead, use felt hangers. Leather pants should also be hung, not folded. Cosmopolitan Magazine tip: use a small piece of cardboard (like a business card) or a piece of fabric to avoid damage from the plastic clips.

Faux fur

Faux fur also doesn’t like to be kept in plastic. Hang your coat on a (felt) hanger and make sure it has some room to avoid losing hairs.

Wool & cashmere

Wool is an easy fabric to maintain. It’s natural and self-cleaning, so it’s ideal for the lazy fashionista! Woolen items are best kept laying down, so they maintain their form.

If you intend to store your woolen items for a longer period of time, make sure to wash and dry them properly before storing to avoid moths. Other ways to keep moths at bay, are either wrapping your items in paper, or store small bags of herbs (rosemary, mint, lavender, or thyme) between your clothes.

Silk, 100% cotton, satin, & velvet

Simple: hang these fabrics on felt hangers to maintain shape and prevent creases. When it comes to buttoned shirts, always button the top button to maintain the shape of the collar.


Jeans and other fabrics can be folded. These fabrics are so firm that they don’t crease easily.


Items with lots of sequins are pretty heavy and are therefore best folded loosely. When hung, the weight will ruin the shape.


Ideally, you store your shoes like this:

Unfortunately, that’s not an option for everyone. Instead, you could use empty (shoe) boxes or plastic cases. Use shoe trees for boots to maintain shape, and align your shoes neatly. Store them clean and dry and avoid throwing them all together to prevent damage.


If you want to store your handbags, empty them and clean both the in- and outside. Fill it with paper or old t-shirts to maintain the shape. Don’t hang the bag; this will stretch the handles and deform the shape of your bag. Ideally, you store the purse in the cloth bag that it came in to prevent mold and discoloration. Make sure your bags have enough space, to keep them from deforming.

What are your tips for keeping your wardrobe looking good as new?

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