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Even though we’re still locked inside for the foreseeable future, there will come a day when life will return to normal. People will again stroll along boulevards, dress up for sunny afternoons in the park, wear their Sunday best for outdoor weddings, and will send invitations for parties with dress codes. In this blogpost, I will teach you all about those dress codes, so you’ll be ready for your themed summer party!

The dress codes most suitable for summer parties are Tenue de Ville, Summer Chic, Festival Chic, Cocktail, and Ibiza Chic.

Tenue de Ville

Tenue de Ville is the most formal one from the list. It is often chosen for weddings, openings, outside gatherings, or beach parties. Tenue de Ville literally means ‘clothing you wear to the city’ and is a day-dress code. It characterizes itself by its decent, but not too chic style and stems from the time when people would dress up to go outside.

Light and pastel colors match this style, whereas black is less common. Key for this style is its subtleness: clothes, accessories, or make-up that stand out, do not belong with Tenue de Ville.

If the dress code for your event is Tenue de Ville, pick a decent dress or a cute skirt with a top. Skirts and dresses are knee-length; tight and short dresses or skirts are an absolute no-go. Pantyhose are a definite yes, unless temperatures are skyrocketing, and the skirt has an appropriate length.

If you’re not wearing a dress, don’t take off your blazer, even when you’re wearing a (pant) suit.

So what does Tenue de Ville look like?

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Summer chic

Summer Chic is dress code that is commonly used for summer weddings. Key word to this style is ‘chic’: you can do whatever you want, as long as you look like a million bucks. Light fabrics, like cotton and linen, and pastel colors are associated with this style. You can of course choose white, but large, colorful prints are also allowed with this style.

Accessories like sunglasses, a sun hat, or a scarf complete the look.

Creativity is key, even with your footwear. Heels, ballerina’s or fancy flipflops are all allowed, as long as it’s fancy footwear!

So what does Summer Chic look like?


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Festival Chic

With festival season is on hold, so take your time to find some festival-proof outfits! We all know festivals are about seeing and being seen, so your outfit must be on point. Key to the festival look? Creativity!

Everything is allowed. Everything! It’s an informal dress code, it’s the latest trends, it’s summer proof, and it’s colorful!

This look has been influenced by the dress codes Ibiza Chic and Bohemian Chic, both with hippie influences. This shows in the color scheme: white is dominant in Ibiza Chic, but for Festival Chic, combine white with turquoise and pastel.

Heels are absent from this look: nothing more unpractical than heels on muddy festival grounds. Instead, wear sneakers, boots in any style or height, and stock up on accessories. Carry your belongings in a cute backpack, and you’re good to go!

Wear this for an ultimate festival-feel:

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Ibiza Chic

Ibiza breathes the bohemian style and it’s no surprise that Ibiza Chic is a substyle of Bohemian Chic. It has the same hippie influences, but classier. It’s a common style for summer weddings.

The color scheme for Ibiza Chic is white, pastel, turquoise, olive green, and purple. The colors have a fresh and natural look. Fabrics matching this style are linen, cotton, and suede. Knitted or crotched items are popular, as are fringe, ruffles, and lace. A maxi dress with flower print and lots of golden accessories would be the perfect Ibiza Chic look!

Inspiration for the Ibiza Chic look:



What is your favorite? What dress codes are on your summer party invitations? Share in the comments!

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