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H&M is known for its designer collaborations, and they have just released another one! This year, they are collaborating with the Italian brand Giuliva Heritage! And I have to say: their line is a-ma-zing!.The collection is completely sustainable, made with recycled fabrics, and it’s timeless in terms of design. .Like I said, I love this line. Perfect for the office, and perfect for grabbing a cocktail afterwards. The neutral colors make it easy to combine with what you already own. The fit is wide and boyish, but without losing the feminine touch..And the best part? It’s verrrrrrry affordable! Prices on Net a Porter range from €400 for a top to €1705 for a jacket. The H&M items range from €19,95 to €149,95. So you can buy all the H&M collab items and not even come close to that €1700!.We wanted you to start off your Monday with some fashion inspiration, so here are our absolute favorites of the Giuliva Heritage x H&M line:

I’m IN LOVE with this pant suit! The color, the fit: it’s the perfect office outfit.

Another favorite! Nicely done with the belt and the shoes, making this a power outfit to conquer the work day!

I almost prefer this shade of blue over black, because it makes any outfit look profesh and stylish! Greatly combined with the boots as well, however, they don’t seem to be for sale at H&M 🙁

Every office fashionista needs to have a chique trenchcoat and this one’ll do the trick! Love the blue of the dress, the icy-ness of the color makes it perfect for the upcoming winter season!

So much style in one picture! I love the print and the high belt, and I appreciate how they didn’t style this with heels, but with sturdy flats instead! 

Which one is your favorite? Were you lucky enough to score a real Giuliva item? Let us know in the comments!

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