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While I’m writing this, it’s 29℃ outside, I’m enjoying an iced latte in the sun, and I have just spotted the first winter coats in stores. Doesn’t feel right – it’s mid-summer! Dropping the trends for the fall/winter season of 2020/2021 seems way too soon, but here we go:

Dropped puff

Big sleeves are still a thing (yay!), but this season, they’ve dropped considerably. Did the puffiness previously start right at the shoulder, this year, the puff starts lower on the sleeve. I’m a fan of puffy sleeves, but the dropped puff looks kind of weird, I must admit. Maybe it just takes some getting used to!

It’s fringe all the way in winter 2020! In any size, color, or material, and you decide if you want just a brim of fringe, or do fringe all over. But mind you, this is not cowgirl-fringe, this is roaring ‘20s fringe!
Lovely latex
Real fashionistas already have a pair of latex pants in their wardrobe from last year, but this trend is not for the weak! A tad riskier than leather, this trend reminds you of fetishes and taboos. To avoid looking like a dominatrix (or do look like that, you do you!), combine with a sweater and sneakers, an oversized blazer, or a very decent blouse.
Leather suits

Is latex too heavy for you, but do you still want to wear an eye-catching outfit? Try the leather suit!  It’s the jumpsuit in a whole different way. Difficult during bathroom breaks, but worth it!
Classy check

The check is here to stay: this season, we wear it like it was meant to be worn. Neutral colors and back to basic, while giving off an equestrian vibe. Love it!
Color blocking

I feel like this trend never really left, but, for 2020, we’re all back to combining non-matching colors and calling it fashion! A great way to experiment with adding color to your wardrobe; it’ll definitely be an eyecatcher!

Another trend that never left, but this season, everything is possible. Big belts, small belts, waist belts, jeans belts, black belts, colored belts, a-ny-thing! But waist is preferable 😉
And this is the color palette we’ll be choosing from this season:
So, these are a few of the trends we’ll supposedly be seeing this fall. I do however predict a big Corona impact, so styles and trends might have completely changed once we get to the winter season. We’ll keep you updated!
For now, enjoy your summer!
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