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Two weeks ago, in my previous blog, I discovered some beautiful sustainable swimwear brands. But that alone is not enough for a planet-friendly summer. Today, we’ll discuss the next step in ‘sustainablizing’ your summer: sustainable sunscreen.

The sun has many benefits other than that amazing tan. Sunlight influences our hormones. It increases the production of endorphins, which are our ‘happiness hormones’. Endorphins increase your energy, make you feel happy, and suppress pain. Sunlight also increases your serotonin levels, which are also happiness hormones and improve your mood. It also influences our sex hormones, causing us to fall in love faster (that explains all those summer loves!). Lastly, sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D. High vitamin D levels are connected to better moods, better calcium uptake, and it’ll improve bone tissue build-up.

But, as we all know, there are many downsides to the sun as well: sun burn, skin damage and/or cancer, premature skin aging, and wrinkles. Enough reasons to always use sunscreen!

Unfortunately, sunscreen can have detrimental effects on the environment. In Mexico, Hawaii and Bonaire, governments request everyone who wants to go for a swim in natural waters, to not use sunscreen. Sounds conflicting, right? So why would they ask you to?

The ingredients in sunscreen, like the UV-filters, can affect sea life. It can hinder the growth of plankton, bleach and kill off coral, or poison small sea creatures. And we wouldn’t want that.

So what to do, what to do? Simple! Choose sustainable sunscreen!

I collected some of the best sustainable sunscreen brands for you, to pair with your sustainable swimwear. Now that’s guilt-free tanning!


My favorite face-sunscreen is Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 30 (or 50). Now, Vichy is not the most sustainable brand on the planet (their products contains microplastics), but as a brand, they could be doing a lot worse. So why am I sharing this? Because it’s my absolute favorite! As a ginger, I need to make sure I’m protected against the sun, well, always. What I hate most about sunscreen, is the greasy, white layer it leaves behind, leaving your skin oily and shiny. But not with Ideal Soleil! Like it says on the box, the Ideal Soleil is a ‘mattyfing dry touch face fluid’. And it’s true! On sunny days, I use this cream instead of a day cream, before applying make-up. No white residue, no greasy situations, it gives my face a matte finish. Yay!

For sale online or at your local pharmacy. Price around EUR 14


A locally made, vegan, and 100% natural sunscreen in a minimal, yet stylish packaging. What more do you want? It’s made for sensitive skin, and helps protect against sun allergies and pigmentation. It’s reef-safe, doesn’t leave behind white residue, and they explain what ingredients they use on their ingredients page!

For sale on their website. A little pricey: for a 50ml bottle you pay EUR 25.

We love the planet

With a name like that, it’s guaranteed you’ll get a sustainable product! Their very reasonably priced We Love Sunscreen Stick is made from 100% natural ingredients and is vegan. The brand works with the premise that everything you put on your skin, will eventually make its way into your body. So it better be healthy! Their products range from deodorant to diffusers, to hand cream and candles, and all come in several, delicious scents.

For sale online and with their resellers in physical stores (of which there are surprisingly many!). The SPF 30 costs EUR 18,50 (50 grams).


This brand is everywhere lately, introducing everyone to their natural skin care products. They started off with baby care products only, but soon had to add a line for women, because women just LOVED their products! Their sunscreen contains no hard chemicals or microplastics, is vegan, water-resistant, and uses mineral UV-filters (the non-damaging kind). It’s ocean-friendly, leaves no white haze, and has bioplastic packaging. Good for your skin, good for nature.

For sale at their website, at, or at local resellers. Little pricey – EUR 24,50 for 50 ml

Australian Gold Botanical

I already loved Australian Gold, and their botanical line has only made me love them more. The Botanical sunscreens are non-sticky, non-greasy, sweat- and water-resistant, and absorbs quickly. What hasn’t changed, is the focus on skin care: they use ingredients that protect and nourish your skin, and keep it in tiptop condition. The botanical line also come as tinted lotions, to match your skin tone and complexion.

The lotions are reef-friendly, hypoallergenic, and tested both dermatologically and child-friendly. Bonus: the packaging is recyclable!

For sale at pretty much any drug store and online! Little pricey, but the tubes contain 89ml, instead of the 50ml many other brands offer at the same price.


The products of this French brand only contain natural, mineral filters and ingredients. They are also free from harmful chemicals, and guarantees safe and healthy tanning. Absorbs quickly and leaves no white traces. They also have a self-tanning spray and anti-aging sun products.

For sale online and in many drug stores. Very reasonably priced!


The FRESH sunscreen from Ringana does more than just look cute. Their water-resistant lotion contains natural ingredients and mineral sun filters. Their website explains exactly which ingredients are used. Bonus: the cute bottle.

For sale online. Pricey, but comes in a large bottle: 125 ml for EUR 39,40.

What is your favorite brand? Or did I forget to mention your favorite supersustainable brand? Let us know in the comments!

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